Expanding horizons

Prior to the Second World War millions of British people had rarely strayed far from their hometown. Travel was expensive. There was just one commercial airline offering to take passengers to far-flung countries, such as South Africa, India, Australia and the Far East. But the cost was something that only wealthy businessmen or colonial administratorsContinue reading “Expanding horizons”

Reaching for the sky

If you love watching old movies, you may well have seen that classic biopic about the incredible wartime exploits of fighter pilot, Douglas Bader. This 1956 film, entitled, Reach for the Sky, tells the story of how Bader, played by the wonderful Kenneth Moore, managed to succeed as a World War Two flying ace, despiteContinue reading “Reaching for the sky”

Life is nothing without books

As I continue to research life in Hastings during World War 2 I’m discovering such a fascinating mixture of happy and sad. It was clear that the link between Canada and Great Britain was strong – Canada being the ‘oldest dominion in the British Empire’. Right from the beginning of the war Canada helped byContinue reading “Life is nothing without books”

World War 2 in Sussex

Isabella Muir, well-known for her love of 1960s crime and mystery, is now dipping her toe into another fascinating period of history. Several of Isabella’s novels include chapters that hark back to World War 2, exploring the back story of some of her key characters.  Three of her novellas are set during World War 2Continue reading World War 2 in Sussex