Crossing the world

After the Second World War Britain saw arrivals of folk from all across the globe – many from Commonwealth countries who were intrigued to discover what the ‘mother country’ was like. But it was also a time when some British people decided to leave – to emigrate. The situation in Britain was dire. For someContinue reading “Crossing the world”

Better than a tin bath

When I dig around in my tin of old photos I find a picture of my brother – just a toddler at the time – standing in the kitchen sink to be washed. In 1940s Britain this would have been a typical scene in many houses as few had indoor bathrooms, with the only runningContinue reading “Better than a tin bath”

A victory for the workers

When Britain entered the Second World War in September 1939 the country was governed by a National Government, a coalition of all the political parties, as well as a number of individuals who belonged to none of the parties. Conservative politician, Neville Chamberlain, was Prime Minister but by spring 1940 he bowed to pressure toContinue reading “A victory for the workers”

75 years of gardening know-how!

If you tune in to BBC Radio 4 this afternoon at 3pm you will have the chance to listen to a panel of experts answering gardening questions as diverse as whether it’s possible to plant a tea plant in the UK from which to make a cuppa, through to tips on how to let offContinue reading “75 years of gardening know-how!”

Feeding the nation

During the Second World War years there was a critical need for Britain to find ways to be self-sufficient in terms of food. With enemy blockades around our shores many of the goods that were usually imported were unable to reach us. By January 1941 the usual food supply coming from overseas had fallen byContinue reading “Feeding the nation”

Clever creations

By the mid part of World War Two pretty much everything was rationed – petrol, food, coal, even clothes. From June 1941 each person was issued with a book of clothing coupons. The thinking behind it was that clothes manufacturing needed to focus on war work. Woollen material usually used for coats and suits wasContinue reading “Clever creations”

Sharing is caring

Here’s evidence of the most amazing camaraderie that existed during the war years. When food rations were tight and chocolate would have been the most special treat – imagine the generosity of a British soldier who gave his chocolate ration to a Dutch civilian during the liberation of the Netherlands. Back at home food rationingContinue reading “Sharing is caring”