This will do nicely…

Consider how it must have been after the Second World War for millions of families who were all desperate for somewhere to live – somewhere ‘fit for purpose’, many having lost everything during the wartime London Blitz and similar devastation across the country. House building on a grand scale was promised by the post-war LabourContinue reading “This will do nicely…”

No place like home

After the euphoria felt when the Second World War finally ended, the country was confronted by the challenge of enabling families across Britain to return to something resembling a normal life. When the new Labour government was elected in 1945 they had a whole host of problems to tackle, all needing urgent resolution. One ofContinue reading “No place like home”

Rebuilding communities

1945. After six years of war Britain had suffered in so many ways. A generation of men had been lost to the fighting, few towns and cities had escaped bombardment and the country was in debt to the tune of billions. So where to start? Britain and its Allies had ‘won’ the war, but atContinue reading “Rebuilding communities”