Combatting polio

There were many horrors to contend with in 1940s Britain and cruelly it was often children who suffered, despite adults’ overwhelming desire to protect them. For during the latter part of that decade there were annual polio epidemics, striking down thousands of people in Britain – many of them children. This viral infection, which beginsContinue reading “Combatting polio”

No more than 2.4

I’m sure there are many things that might trigger a rise in the birth rate – but consider these particular influencing factors for post-war Britain: couples were finally able to celebrate the end of six years of war wives and girlfriends could welcome the return of a loved one from the horrors at the frontContinue reading “No more than 2.4”

Time to get creative!

Just in time for Easter, best-selling children’s author, Lexi Rees, has launched this wonderful activity book for busy little fingers! A bumper book of Easter themed colouring pages. · Ideal for children aged 3-5 years. · 52 single-sided images to keep children entertained for hours. · Practise the alphabet with special Easter themed pages.· Enjoy the cutestContinue reading “Time to get creative!”

Let’s get creative

Great news this week when Outset’s best-selling children’s author, Lexi Rees, discovered one of her activity books has been added to The School Reading List. It was praise indeed to see her book, Scavenger Art, added to the list alongside well-known authors, such as Julia Donaldson, Allan Ahlberg, Andrea Beaty, Kari Herbert, David Hockney, AkwaekeContinue reading “Let’s get creative”

Clever creations

By the mid part of World War Two pretty much everything was rationed – petrol, food, coal, even clothes. From June 1941 each person was issued with a book of clothing coupons. The thinking behind it was that clothes manufacturing needed to focus on war work. Woollen material usually used for coats and suits wasContinue reading “Clever creations”

Leaving home…

One of the saddest aspects of life for families during World War 2 must surely have been when little children had to be evacuated to towns and villages far from home. Of course, it was all done with good intention – to protect their lives from the enemy bombing that threatened larger towns and cities.Continue reading “Leaving home…”

Let’s get creative…

The latest children’s activity book from popular children’s author, Lexi Rees, is receiving rave reviews! This is a great book for inspiring children (and adults!) to be budding artists to look more closely at the world around them and encourage them to draw what they find. The wide range of hunts mean there are lotsContinue reading “Let’s get creative…”