Mysteries of Sussex: Volume 1

An historical series exploring the mysteries of Sussex

This exploration into the mysteries of Sussex not only spans the breadth of this wonderful county but also spans the ages from 500,000 BCE through to the present day. Not a bad range.
In this book you will find tales of heroes and villains, people with almost superhuman abilities, both physical and mental. Great humans showing the strength of love – and those tainted by corruption or too much self-regard. These stories showcase the struggle for living and life, for good combatting bad, for kindness and mendacity, for the landscape and wildlife.

Genius shines through the work of men of literature, science, and art, and bringing the stories up to date, I explore the worrying signs that the Sussex coastline is crumbling because of climate change.

Join the author through his journey of imaginings – asking ‘what it?’ and enjoy the chance to shine a new light on many of the mysteries of the wonderful county of Sussex.

More mysteries to explore in Volume 2.

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