Notes & Queries: Volume 2

Adventures in English local history

Are you interested in gold bars, bullion, and buried treasure? 

Then this book is for you. Volume 2 of Notes & Queries is a bumper edition of fascinating history stories – facts, legends and myths to please everyone. Read about Wicca and Christianity, medieval church frescoes, Jack Cade’s Rebellion and the lesser known Merfold Revolt of fiery and furious men of Sussex and Kent. Find out why the Duke of Suffolk was assassinated and how a monk cursed Battle Abbey. Learn about the regicides who signed the death warrant of Charles I, and how the Mayor of Sandwich was murdered. This book reveals the true story of the French capture of England and how we fought to get back our own country while vile King John was losing his crown in the Wash. There’s more history about the mighty Ridge of Hastings, a young boy’s truly horrific discovery in the woods, the tiresome trials of the man who owned Michelham Priory and why we started cutting down Spanish Yew trees rather than our own to make longbows. Here you will discover a devastating set of revelations detailing how the piratical and elitist men of the Cinque Ports crushed the people of Yarmouth in an almost endless battle for the right to dominate the Narrow Seas fish trade. English history is amazing. Lots to read and think about – and enjoy!

These essays will give food for thought and well as being entertaining and of educational value. This book is part of a series covering fascinating aspects of English history, set out in the same way as the original Notes & Queries of 1849.

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