Serving our country

When the Second World War ended it didn’t mean the end to all hostilities. Britain still had a commitment to provide military support in Germany, Palestine and India. Opponents struggled with the idea that young men, just returning from six long years of a terrible war, should be called on to serve once more. AndContinue reading “Serving our country”

Keeping the spirits up

Much has been said about the extent to which music lifts the spirits. It was Friedrich Nietzsche who said: ‘Without music, life would be a mistake’ Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols And I for one wholeheartedly agree! So, seeing this picture of a group of women carpenters from World War 2 using saws and otherContinue reading “Keeping the spirits up”

Licence? What licence?!

When young men joined the armed forces at the beginning of World War 2 there were fewer than three million cars on British roads – compared with some forty million today! By the 1930s horse-drawn vehicles had given way to the motor car. Motor cars now offered their drivers the chance to speed, resulting inContinue reading “Licence? What licence?!”

Learning new skills…

Once most men of working age had enlisted into one of the armed forces at the beginning of World War 2, it was left to the women to fill the many thousands of vacancies. But then in 1941 conscription was extended to women – the National Service (No 2) Act was passed – applying toContinue reading “Learning new skills…”

World War 2 in Sussex

Isabella Muir, well-known for her love of 1960s crime and mystery, is now dipping her toe into another fascinating period of history. Several of Isabella’s novels include chapters that hark back to World War 2, exploring the back story of some of her key characters.  Three of her novellas are set during World War 2Continue reading World War 2 in Sussex