Notes & Queries: Volume 1

Adventures in English local history

A collection of history essays covering a period of English History from the Roman Invasion until the present day.

Fascinating snippets include: Roman mining for metals in southern England, ancient yew trees, Viking invasions, the Battle of Hastings, reclaiming landscapes from the sea, the death of Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, the great artist JMW Turner and his relationship with Hastings, the discovery of electrical generation by Michael Faraday, the trial of artist James Whistler of ‘Whistler’s Mother’ fame, the lives of literary giants Joseph Conrad and Rider Haggard, the faking of the Piltdown Skull, the crash landing of the famous World War II US Army Air Force Liberator bomber – Unstable Mabel – and lastly, the remarkable discovery of a Norman Longboat in Combe Valley, East Sussex.

These essays will give food for thought and well as being entertaining and of educational value. This book is part of a series covering fascinating aspects of English history, set out in the same way as the original Notes & Queries of 1849.

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