Let’s get creative

Great news this week when Outset’s best-selling children’s author, Lexi Rees, discovered one of her activity books has been added to The School Reading List. It was praise indeed to see her book, Scavenger Art, added to the list alongside well-known authors, such as Julia Donaldson, Allan Ahlberg, Andrea Beaty, Kari Herbert, David Hockney, AkwaekeContinue reading “Let’s get creative”

Let’s get creative…

The latest children’s activity book from popular children’s author, Lexi Rees, is receiving rave reviews! This is a great book for inspiring children (and adults!) to be budding artists to look more closely at the world around them and encourage them to draw what they find. The wide range of hunts mean there are lotsContinue reading “Let’s get creative…”