A ticket to ride

Ever since the first steam locomotives of the early 19th century, the UK railway network benefitted from extensive expansion. By 1923 most of the railways were grouped together to form the ‘Big Four’ – namely, the Great Western, the London and North Eastern, the London, Midland and Scottish, and the Southern Railway companies. Other smallerContinue reading “A ticket to ride”

To a land of endless sunshine

My research into family life during the Second World War keeps throwing up surprises. We have often heard about the evacuation of children from the cities to the countryside, and then later from the coast to inland safe havens, when coastal areas came under enemy attack. But recently I came across information detailing the numbersContinue reading “To a land of endless sunshine”

Leaving home…

One of the saddest aspects of life for families during World War 2 must surely have been when little children had to be evacuated to towns and villages far from home. Of course, it was all done with good intention – to protect their lives from the enemy bombing that threatened larger towns and cities.Continue reading “Leaving home…”