What a ball!

After the six years of the Second World War, when sport of any kind was certainly limited, and at times and in certain places, non-existent, the cessation of hostilities brought fans of every sport flooding back into stadia. The archetypal English game of cricket saw its first full season in 1946, and even the weatherContinue reading “What a ball!”

What a show!

Perhaps it was the darkness of the war years that drew people to the lightness and creativity of British theatre. Although what some have called a period of ‘modernism’ started years before the 1940s – in fact, elements of modernist approaches to art, design and theatre can be traced to the period between the twoContinue reading “What a show!”

What’s in the charts?

The 1940s brought many much-loved ‘crooners’ into the homes of millions, via gramophone records and via the wireless. Families put their 78rpm vinyl record on their turntable, or tuned in to the BBC Light Programme to listen to the likes of Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Perry Como. Amazing to think that Bing Crosby’s WhiteContinue reading “What’s in the charts?”

Off to the flicks!

The 1940s were a golden time for cinema, with some of today’s most loved films and revered actors emanating from that decade. Just look at this for a snapshot of what 1940s cinema goers could choose to see… Rebecca, directed by Alfred Hitchock, starring Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier and receiving an Oscar for bestContinue reading “Off to the flicks!”

Books that shaped a decade

For the first half of the 1940s Britain was in the grip of war, followed, once the war ended, by years of austerity and hardship. So what about reading habits during those years? Was there still an attraction in the escapism offered by a good book? It seems the answer was ‘Yes’. Despite paper rationing,Continue reading “Books that shaped a decade”